The Ring

My dearest, wonderful, perfect other half proposed on my birthday, in one of the most romantic ways I can imagine.

Earlier in the month we stayed in a cottage in the middle of the Yorkshire Dales, with no communications and completely in the wilderness, we decided to play Scrabble. Now I’d never played Scrabble before, and what can I say it’s now my favourite board game!

So then my birthday approaches and I want to spend it camping in the Lake District, absolute bliss. The first day was…then the night came and the tent almost blew away – the gale force winds and rain took hold. After a sleepless night – Happy 23rd birthday me! .. open present time 😀 I got a brand new Scrabble game!

Jay wants to play before we leave anywhere, but there’s lots I want to see and do, so of course being me I say no, we don’t have time…and ruin his cunning plan.

So I nip to the toilet block to brush my teeth, and return into the tent to find Jay down on one knee, Scrabble tile holders beside him and a open ring box complete with ring in his hand. The scrabble tiles are set up to read ‘Will You Marry Me’.

The happiest day of my life.

Later that evening after a wonderful day celebrating, feeling incredibly loved up and happy we return to find the whole front of the tent collapsed. The tent pole had snapped with the force of the gales. It was beyond repair.

So there we are at 9pm in the rain, taking down a tent to go home early, because the bed and breakfast costs were too much to justify the cost for another day…

Regardless, that couldn’t ruin my birthday, Jay proposed. Happiest girl in the world.

Only took him 9 years! Hehe.

So here’s the ring, this ring took Jay 2 years to design and get made. The colours are my two favourite and the ring is asymmetric and completely unique. It’s perfect.



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